Icons the language of art

The art of icon writing is a relief for a sore soul and heart, an escape into another dimension-space without limits. It is the freedom of self-expression that allows to define who I am and where I am going.


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Ikony ręcznie pisane

My passion for icons began from my youth when I first saw an old icon of Our Lady of Kazan. It was then that the image became fixed in my memory, which was constantly shining in my mind and motivated me to further work towards exploring and learning the techniques of icon writing.  


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The word icon comes from the Greek language and means image, image. An icon is compared to a window or door connecting the present world with God.

An icon is a closed word in the colour of colours, which has a rich theological meaning. It can be read and, at the same time, the symbolism of the depicted representations can be learned. The task of the icon is to learn and create bonds with the painted figure. Over the centuries it has been written in accordance with the accepted canons, which strictly define the way of representation, the colours and the content that could be placed on the icon.

The need to respect canons when writing icons forced the creation of manuals for icon writers in the form of hermeneia (technique, iconographic and theological patterns) and subliners (drawings, representations, compositions on icons). The icon combines inanimate matter in the form of minerals with animate matter enclosed in wood, animal glue, material. Each stage of the icon's creation is full of symbolism. The basis for writing the icon is a board, which symbolizes the tree of life. The cavity in the board or kowczeg symbolizes the ark. Canvas or gauze stuck on the board symbolizes the shawl that rubbed the face of Christ. The 12 layers of soil are related to the number of Apostles, the gilding of the icon gives it not colour but light symbolizing the Divine Light. The colours of the pigments, which have a hidden symbolism, are also used during the writing of the icon:

Gold-  is the highest colour, it means the radiance of God;

White - the color of purity, holiness;

Red - symbolizes the human nature of Christ, the color of blood and torment, a sign of victory over death;

Purple- assigned to the king, symbolizes wealth and power;

Blue - symbol of the eternal world;

Green- youth, the color of eternal renewal, symbol of eternal life;

Bronze- the color of passing away, poverty;

Black - the colour of death and evil; on the monks' robes it symbolizes the renunciation of temporal facilities - mortification during life.

An icon is a world that does not pass away, full of symbolism and a hidden message. It gives the possibility to move into another dimension. Bringing an icon home, you take a part of this world, which is to teach you and protect you.


Before starting to write an icon, it is very important to properly prepare the board. It is glued from smaller pieces of wood alternately with a line of rings. This is to prevent the board from bending over time.  


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Before starting to write an icon, it is very important to properly prepare the board. It is glued from smaller pieces of wood alternately with a line of rings. This is to prevent the board from bending over time.  


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The icons I write are created with passion and commitment. Each one is unique and I approach the ordering person individually. An icon is a perfect gift for any kind of occasion. It accompanies man from an early age, is in his most important moments of life, up to the end. The icon has a timeless form because it is a kind of window to eternity.

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Our customers' opinions ...


When I first saw the icon it really spoke to my heart. 


I have long been fascinated by the beauty and spirituality of icons. The first icons I saw were in orthodox churches in New York. Later, I saw them in Athens and in homes on the island of Mykonos..


Przed dobrych kilku laty pracowałem zawodowo w Rosji na Syberii. Już w tym czasie bardzo spodobały mi się ikony w tamtejszych cerkwiach. Kiedy wróciłem do Europy z powrotem szukałem kogoś kto umie pisać ikony, ale rzeczywiście umie.


Mam ikonę i jestem pełna podziwu dla Sebastiana, który ją pisał.


The process of icon writing is time-consuming, so you should place your order in advance. Waiting time and price is set individually. With complex projects, the realization of an icon can be extended. I approach each icon in a unique way, leaving a bit of myself in it. There will never be another icon of the same kind. This guarantees that you will receive a unique work.

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