About me

Sebastian Niestój:

- a graduate of Management and Marketing at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow - faculty of Management in Tourism

- completed an iconographic course at the Orthodox Parish in Cracow

- completed a goldsmithing course            

My passion for icons began from my youth when I first saw an old icon of Our Lady of Kazan. It was then that the image became fixed in my memory, which was constantly shining in my mind and motivated me to further work towards exploring and learning the techniques of icon writing.  

In 2010, I started attending iconographic courses at the Orthodox Parish in Cracow, where under the watchful eye of Mrs. Anna Gełdon I had the opportunity to polish my workshop. After a few years of learning, I became independent and started to write icons.  In my works I follow different icon patterns, not limiting myself to a particular era.

The icons I wrote were presented at exhibitions:

- The Orthodox Church in Cracow "100 Years of the Orthodox Parish in Cracow" - an exhibition of icons created during 13 years of the iconographic studio's activity

- The Polish House in London "The soul's journey through art" - presenting the work of Ms Anna Gełdon's students

- Supraśl "Vernissage of the Icons Exhibition Anna Gełdon Icon Workshop"

At present, my works are held by privates in Poland, Germany, USA, Austria, as well as in the Orthodox Church in Tarnogród and Zapałów.

On 04.11.2017, together with friends Anna Gełdon and Jakub Maciejczyk, we established the Good Art Foundation